Various Articles

Below I’ve listed a few articles I’ve published here and there.

  • In the October 1998 issue of Communications of the ACM I published an article entitled New Features for CORBA 3.0 (PDF or Postscript) that gave an overview of some of the new features that were going to be in CORBA 3.0.

  • For a general overview of CORBA and the Object Management Architecture (OMA), please see my CORBA overview (Postscript or PDF) that was published in the February 1997 issue of IEEE Communications. An older, similar article (PDF or Postscript) appeared in C++ Report in July 1993, but CORBA changed a lot since that article was published.

  • What SOA Isn’t: Debunking the Myths of Service Orientation was published in The Business Integration Journal in April 2005. It’s pretty brief, but I think it still offers some good advice.

  • A paper on multi-middleware web services I published a few years ago in the XML Journal. (You can you read it at SysCon too, if you like annoying pop-ups.)

  • My very first published paper covered the Remote Interactive Scan Environment (RISE++) that I developed way back at Apollo Computer. The system was pretty cool: it was a distributed interactive hardware debugger for the Apollo DN10000 workstation. With it, you could control pretty much all the registers and memories in the system, and you could issue single clock cycles to “single-step” the system. RISE++ was the first distributed object system I ever developed, too, which meant you could do all that remotely. Neat.