Cover of Advanced CORBA Programming with C++

Michi Henning’s and my CORBA book, Advanced CORBA Programming with C++, was published in 1999 by Addison Wesley Longman. That seems like a long time ago, but the book still sells. We’ve been through 10 printings, I think. Click on the book title link for more details, including the table of contents, the preface, a downloadable sample chapter, and the errata list.

The third printing of Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ came out in the autumn of 1999. For that printing, Michi and I replaced Chapter 17 (about DynAny) with a completely rewritten version.

The reason for the updated chapter is that after the book went to print (which was before publication of CORBA 2.3), the DynAny interfaces were substantially changed by the OMG Core RTF. The reason was that there were many niggling problems with the original DynAny interface, which, unfortunately, could not be resolved without breaking the DynAny interfaces.

So, as a result, we have a better DynAny interface in CORBA 2.3 but, unfortunately, an out-of-date chapter in the first and second printings.

As a consolation for those people who bought the first or second printing, we’ve made the replacement Chapter 17 available for download (PDF).

You can find the update at Addison Wesley.