About Me

Steve VinoskiSteve Vinoski is a software engineer at Arista Networks in Nashua, NH, USA. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM.

Steve is regarded as an expert in the areas of middleware and distributed computing systems, topics for which he has authored or co-authored about 100 articles, papers, and a book. He previously wrote The Functional Web column for IEEE Internet Computing (IC) magazine from 2008 through 2012, and prior to that, from 2002-2008, he wrote the Toward Integration column for IC as well. He also serves on the magazine’s editorial board. In the past, Steve co-wrote the popular “Object Interconnections” column on distributed object computing for the C/C++ Users Journal (and formerly for SIGS C++ Report) from 1995-2005 with Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt. Over the years Steve has given hundreds of presentations at various conferences, including keynotes, and has chaired several conferences as well. He’s also worked on various middleware standards in the OMG and W3C.

Steve writes code in a variety of programming languages, with his current favorite language and favorite language of all time being Erlang. You can contact him at vinoski@ieee.org.

Prior to Arista, Steve worked on distributed databases at Basho Technologies and Internet video systems at Verivue, a media distribution startup. Earlier in his career, Steve served at various times as chief architect, chief engineer, head of product innovation, and vice president of platform technologies for IONA Technologies, acquired by Progress Software in September 2008. Steve was also IONA’s first and only Fellow. Steve joined IONA in December 1996 to start IONA’s US-based Engineering organization and to lead the development of IONA’s next-generation Adaptive Runtime Technology (ART), a highly flexible and high performance distributed computing engine that powered a number of IONA’s products. Prior to that, he worked on software and hardware in various engineering positions at Hewlett-Packard, Apollo Computer, and Texas Instruments.