Yaws 1.82

May 29th, 2009  |  Published in erlang, web, yaws  |  Bookmark on Pinboard.in

Today Klacke released version 1.82 of Yaws. This is primarily a maintenance release, so nothing major has changed, except that yaws.conf and other files that used to go into etc now go into etc/yaws. For example, the default install prefix is /usr/local so for the installation on my laptop my yaws.conf file has moved from /usr/local/etc/yaws.conf to /usr/local/etc/yaws/yaws.conf. You’ll want to make sure you move any existing conf files you might have to the new directory.

Various other changes and bug fixes are described in the release notes on the main Yaws website. For the previous release Klacke moved the sources from sourceforge to github, so follow that link if you’re looking for source, and you can follow these instructions to build, install, and run. If you should run into any issues or problems, please send a message to the Yaws mailing list or create a new issue on the Yaws issue tracker.

As far as planning for the next release goes, aside from the usual little bug fixes and enhancements and adding tests, Klacke and I noticed Joe Williams‘s recent Erlang Factory presentation that mentions Yaws CPU usage is sometimes higher than expected, so we’ll be looking into that and doing some general profiling and performance testing work.

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